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Orthokeratology (OrthoK Lenses)

Ortho-k lenses are designed to correct your vision while you sleep. The lenses are worn at night and removed in the morning to achieve clear natural vision.


Ortho-k is fantastic for children. Studies have indicated that these lenses can slow the progression of short-sightedness (MYOPIA) in children.  

If myopia is left to progress, it can lead to serious complications with vision in later life.


Enclosed herewith are two studies showing that the unique optics created by ortho-k (orthokeratology) can drastically slow myopic progression;



Stabilizing Myopia by Accelerating Reshaping Technique (SMART) - 2015

Robert L Davis, S Barry Eiden, Edward S Bennett, Bruce Koffler, Lisa Wohl and Michael Lipson

Retardation of Myopia in Orthokeratology (ROMIO) - 2012
Pauline Cho and Sin-Wan Cheung.

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